Live Events


Samekhmem soundtrack Holy Mountain at ARTicle, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design
Samekhmem Imbolc Ritual at BOYD 5 at The Bulls Head, Birmingham


Samekhmem Clearing Ritual at Ort Café, Balsall Heath, Birmingham
Samekhmem at The Event, Unit 11 Minerva Works, Birmingham
Manhattan Audiomancy Dérive as part of Congress of Collectives, New York
The Archaeology of Silence Part of Moseley Festival Art Trail, Birmingham
Hierogamy Disruptor Ritual Moseley, Birmingham
“…and trees” Spoken Word performance at The Happy Hypocrite – Say What You See curated by An Endless Supply & Maria Fusco, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Xe-54 Two Week Participatory Event as part of the AAS residency at New Art Gallery Walsall


How to shuffle perspective game book correction rule do it meeting Participatory event and presentation of performance scores generated as part of the AAS residency at New Art Gallery Walsall
Zero Point Collaboration: 4th Annual General Meeting Performative Discussion at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
The Nomads Participatory dérive, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
The Changelings workshops & online participation leading to live event Cannon Hill Park


Berlin Hoodening: Nagual for Bjørn Nørgaard Part of the joint Parfyme, Reactor, AAS, Berlin residency
The Family Participatory collective group building events leading up to a residential project as part of The Event
we.adapt Collaborative nest building and audio performance BIAD, Birmingham
we.are.growing Insectoid induction, Moseley Park, Birmingham


SCIENCIFIC participatory project for DOT Arena Festival, Cultural Quarter, Leicester
Clearing Station performance at GOODS In, Conveyor, Birmingham. Curated by Charlie Levine and Harminder Singh Judge.
Re:Flux Fluxconcert Commissioned by VIVID as part of FLUX-FEST, St. Paul’s Church, Birmingham
we.assimilate Insectoid offsite performance for The Institute of Psychoplasmics curated by Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St. London EC1V 9LP
Mutter performance at spoken word event curated by Kit Poulson, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design
Hear Here Performance at evening of spoken word performances at Crowd6, Bearwood, Birmingham Insectoid collaborative painting, Earlswood, Birmingham


The Nagual performance at Mingling & Mistletoe, Crowd6, Bearwood, Birmingham
I AM The Great Grock performance at The Turner Prize 2007 Extravaganza!, The Royal Standard, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool
DY-66 Participatory game and exhibition, Five Years, London
we.infest Insectoid performance, BIAD, Margaret St, Birmingham
Red Line Surveillance as part of New Generation Arts Festival and Festival of Extreme Building
BLOCassembly #7: Time BLOCspace, Sheffield
we.invade Insectoid audio performance at Brainlove All Dayer, Windmill, Brixton, London
KR-36 Participatory game as part of The Event
Gallery Kipple: Love & War Installation and performances, Balsall Heath, Birmingham Insectoid intervention at Walsall Gallery


GimpBotGirl online performance at Knock Down Ginger, My House Projects, Nottingham
we.are.hive Insectoid audiovisual performance at Ikon Picnic, Birmingham
Deep Blue Milgram audiovisual performance at Tract, curated by Art Surgery & Newlyn Art Gallery, Jubilee Pool in Penzance
we.are.insectoid. audiovisual performance at The Boiler Room, Birmingham
Wizard Wars performance devised by Richard Peel as part of New Generation Art Festival, The Pink House, Centenary Square, Birmingham
The Conversation Ale Wagon, 27 Rutland Street, Leicester


Spectator A, B & C at Art Sheffield 05 launch night, Sheffield
BLOCassembly #1 ‘Film Star’ Performance, BLOCspace, Sheffield
The Chair Milgram audio performance, Level 5, Mailbox, Birmingham
Spectator A, B & C at Stand Assembled, My House Gallery, Sneinton, Nottingham
Spectator A, B & C at somewhertogo, Trinity Warwick


Project 99 Ikon, Birmingham
Air Sculpture at See You In Courtcurated by Calum F. Kerr, The City of London
Brain Jelly Birmingham Institute of Art & Design
The Stuckists and The KLF at The Turner Prize Show curated by John Rogers at Space Banana, Birmingham


Applause Performance with The Stuckists, Tate Britain Steps, Millbank, London
House Lights Up at Roadshow a Grizedale Arts event at Ikon, Birmingham


How can we make things better? part of ArtsFest, Central Birmingham
RobotGirl performance as part of Jump, curated by Noemi McComber, Chelsea College, London


Counter Demonstration Performance with The Stuckists, Tate Britain Steps
Exhibitionism Works Gallery, Jubilee Trades Centre, Birmingham

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