Spirit Walk

I was lost, so I went on a walk to their domain, it felt like home, although nothing there made sense.

Tape-epaT soon found me, bounding up on his slippery, shiny feet, licking my face with backmasked whispers of subliminal fears and desires

“want-go you-want?¿tnawuoy gottnaw” “I’m just here to learn” “place-wrong un-learn here-become emocebereh nraelnu gnorwecalp” I followed him anyway

Pale Knives hut in the forest glowed with sharp tendrils that reached out long before we saw him. He didn’t speak, just drifted his translucent nails over my skin, until I had his secret suggestions etched into me

The others arrived gradually, some singing and laughing like it was a party, some solemn as a ritual. They made me shiver, but I knew without doubt that I was meant to be there. I’m one of them

Shimmer grabbed me to dance,and all my thoughts vanished in a whirl of joy and crazy beauty. I felt a peaceful light creep up my spine, and as we parted she kissed me in a haze of sparkling

I whirled around with each of them in turn, Bonehunter with his crystal antlers, Honeymud, with her quicksand arms, and more, and more, until I fell to the ground exhausted

I realised Voidrider was sitting next to me, he put his soft hand in mine and it was like being underwater. His iridescent skin soothed me. “It’s OK,” he said. “Let the waves take you.”


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