Things we held in our hands

Things we held in our hands

No-one really remembers when it started happening

Everyone has a different reason for what caused it

Maybe there was something in the water

Maybe it was some sort of virus that landed on a meteorite

Some people say it broke out of the computers

Doesn’t really matter why or when

All that matters is that we started to see things differently

Things that we held in our hands

Things that we thought were solid

Turned into pieces of paper and fluttered away

We’d wake up one morning

turn to the person next to us

and scream

The happy burgers in our mouths became shit

became mould, became worms, became people

The languages we thought we knew became croaking

became buzzing

a kind of disconnected static

Our bodies turned on us

The things that we thought made us beautiful

made us repellant to ourselves and to others

It was like a bomb had gone off

At a very deep level in the code of reality

We’d always known it was going to happen one day

We just hoped it wouldn’t be to us

We didn’t want to put on the glasses

We didn’t want to take that pill

We didn’t want to see what was on the end of our forks

and so it happened without our consent

We were forced into staring at the sun

and as our eyes burnt away

we knew that we could never be the same again

We had to learn to find the things that weren’t made of mush

That didn’t dissolve in your hands

The things that didn’t crumble to ash

whenever you touched them

At first they were hard to spot,

they looked like anything else

just a slightly different colour

A different feeling

almost like a smell

but these things

when you touched them

they became so beautiful

it was like something you’d always known

but never been able to verbalise

crystallising inside your head

and not everyone could do it

or maybe they just didn’t want to

maybe they were so traumatised

by everything becoming what it really was

that they couldn’t stand the thought of more disappointment

but some of us found each other

we started to build new things

out of the pieces of truth we were finding

and of course it wasn’t like before

it was so much harder

but it felt good

these were things that would stand

these were things that would add to life

just a bit of effort in and they’d grow

so magically

and although I’d lost so much

I was glad

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