Thumbracing Desire

Thumbracing Desire

Ttheiur peaxh cokoured sweater and blinde locjs toally disarm me for the lascicious way thu lixk thr thimb and althoufh our gaxzes never meet i know they kbow i’m thibkibg of their mouth ob me the whole jourbey

Fuery coat makes rippkes and vibrant fuzz shine ibto the air thur haur shaggy too like a nask ir a veir to be used in a rirual makung chabges making tge new things hapen

Dark turqois vowl cut so shine so straigh it gliws like a halo calm and perfext falling into place like i wana fall at ther feet an wieship

The aurface is craxkes and i’m atilk wanting the ahiny red toea rammed in my mouth fos they lok so god i want to eat them cqsually turned in toes while they read three hiles left unlaced skin of demon skib of syccubus my lips are dry fir the wet of the shine

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