Voidrider unfurls like a sea anemone, soft and alien, a gliding touch like a feathery blade.

People stop what they’re doing with a glazed expression and a half smile. The scent of thrilling fear, of falling safely into the unknown, breathing lulling Lethe water, endless oblivion, release from the trap of the self.

We experience a comforting glimpse into the abyss. Nothing matters, but it’s OK, because nothing matters.

Eyes that see in the dark, in the thickest forest, the deepest water, the furthest mountain cave.

Skin that shimmers with iridophores, a kaleidoscopic metachrosis with a hypnotic, crystalline song.

Gliding effortlessly along the most joyful path, in nihilistic spirals and a shifting tesseract dance.


© April 2013 (Originally produced for the Plastique Fantastique project All The Fantasies of All The People

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