You are in: Surveillance

watched : can you see me?
watcher : yes, I like your eyes
watched : thank you
watcher : they’re very expressive
watched : expressive?
watcher : yeah, you can really tell what you’re thinking
watched : and what am i thinking?
watcher : well, right now you’re trying to think something unusual, that I’d never guess
watched : lol
watcher : I was right, wasn’t I?
watched : yeah, you got me
watcher : I certainly have
watched : but only a part of me
watcher : that’s what you think
watched : what do you mean?
watcher : well, the part I can see is a connecting point, it links us, and from that point, that door into you I can see everything I need to, I can reach through and get the rest of you
watched : you wish
watcher : you try to deny it, but you know it’s true, you like to think you’re safe behind your screen, but you know deep down that you’re not
watched : but you can’t do anything, you can’t touch me, everything i’ve said to you could be a lie
watcher : sure, but that kind of thing doesn’t matter here, we’re not in ‘real’ space any more, we’re in a space that only exists because we believe it does, so all I have to do is make you believe something and it becomes real
watched : hmmm, maybe, but what makes you think you can do that?
watcher : I already have, every word I say to you is constructing a reality, making you believe certain things about me
watched : no more than when i say something to you
watcher : exactly! see, you’re starting to believe in my reality already

© August 2004

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