Ludogeography (2008)

This was a collaboration between Ana Benlloch, Nikki Pugh and Stuart Tait.

The Ludogeographers explored how games develop creativity: play frees you from the restrictions of everyday life, and allows you to access new ways of thinking.

We developed projects where the rules and content emerge from game-play, since this allows a community to grow organically and move in unexpected directions.

Play highlights the virtual structures around us and re-frames them: allowing us to temporarily reconfigure the city, rather than resigning ourselves to always be shaped by it.

They worked on variations of Emergent Game: at the NGA festival in Birmingham; at dis-locate in Yokohama, Japan; and at igfest in Bristol.

More information on the Ludogeographic Society Website

Emergent Game at NGA Festival Call and Return at dis-locate Call and Return at igfest Ludogeography

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