Changing Room

Eastside Projects, Birmingham & Second Life
7 January 2010, 6.30-7.00pm

I’ve been collaborating on a project in the virtual Eastside Projects in Second Life that Michael Takeo Magruder has been developing with them. Myself, Antonio Roberts and some students from BIADs MA Digital Arts in Performance have been using the space and the virtual objects left there to explore the possibilities for this kind of exhibition.

During my slot I’ve taken phrases that suggest control, persuasion and compliance from Liam Gillick’s plays (that are being performed for his exhibition in the RL space), and scripted them into objects for avatars to sit in.

I’m interested in whether we can use this rather structured environment to produce new relations, so feel free interact with any other avatars you see, perhaps responding to the space, the phrases, or the context.


As part of the Eastside Projects Associate Members Salon, I’ll be doing a RL version of this as people arrive between 6.30 and 7pm, it would be great if you could make it to the space in SL during this time so that there is a link between the two sites, or go to the Salon if you are a member of ESP. This will be followed by a discussion ‘Are artists the lapdogs of the bourgeoisie?’.

This link takes you to the door of the main virtual Eastside Projects, assuming you have Second Life set up on your computer, and you need to walk along the wall to get to the ‘twin’ space where we’ve been doing things.
(You’ll need to sign up to SL and download if you haven’t already)

My SL name: Ana VemoSLESP_001


Changing Room
23 November 2009 – 23 January 2010

Changing Room is an evolving mixed-reality installation that considers the inherent mutability and reusability of artefacts, concepts and situations in the Digital Age. Lead artist Michael Takeo Magruder will collaborate with Extra Special People artists Ana Benlloch, Iona Makiola, Antonio Roberts, Lee Scott, Zhao Wei and Selma Wong to develop a new collaborative space.

Blending the shared virtual environment of Second Life with the shared physical environment of Eastside Projects, the artwork will facilitate the realisation, curation and documentation of seven distinct – yet interrelated – art projects arising from a common pool of virtual and physical resources.

Experience the artwork’s physical component at Eastside Projects alongside Liam Gillick’s Two Short Plays, a new solo exhibition (27 November 2009 to 23 January 2010) and the virtual environment in Second Life
( For further information please visit:

Changing Room is an experimental prototype for EP:VV (Eastside Projects: Virtualised and Visualised) – a new space for imagining ideas about Art. EP:VV will develop online, multi-user virtual worlds that afford new models for participation and representation of the gallery’s artworks and initiatives. For more information about EP:VV and its ongoing development, visit: or email:

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