The Ludogeographic Society

This was a collaboration between Ana Benlloch, Nikki Pugh and Stuart Tait.

The Ludogeographers believed that games develop creativity: play frees you from the restrictions of everyday life, and allows you to access new ways of thinking.

Of particular interest are projects where the rules and content emerge from game-play, since this allows a community to grow organically and move in unexpected directions.

Play highlights the virtual structures around us and re-frames them: allowing us to temporarily reconfigure the city, rather than resigning ourselves to always be shaped by it.

Between 2008 and they worked on variations of Emergent Game: at the NGA festival in Birmingham; at dis-locate in Yokohama, Japan; and at igfest in Bristol.

More information on the Ludogeographic Society Website

Emergent Game at NGA Festival Call and Return at dis-locate Call and Return at igfest Ludogeography

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