The Other Place

A Performance Fiction project by AAS

The Other Place is both a collective space of thought or dreams, and the space of the future or potential, as well as the collaborative process that produces those ideas.

In this project, we re-interpreted our surroundings to produce situations in which social interaction and an extended relationship with a location transformed it into a social space. Using chance and myth-making to access unexpected possibilities, we created a space that was being constantly reconfigured but, is above all, a collective space.

Find out more on The Other Place Portal or watch a selection of videos

The Cage
Residency at New Art Gallery Walsall,
October 2010 – January 2011

During the residency we used The Cage, based in the artist’s studio, to carry out a series of experiments to explore and create The Other Place. Participants could join this game at any point, letting it intersect with and change their everyday lives as much as they wished.

The Nomads
Psychogeographic walk
Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, September 2010

Inspired by the dérives of the Lettrist and Situationist Internationals, we searched for the city beneath the city. Using a combination of I Ching readings and the Paranoid-Critical Method, we explored randomly selected parts of central Manchester with participants, to reveal hidden meanings. Listen to audio document

The Changelings
Workshops & Online Participation throughout August 2010
Live Event Cannon Hill Park, 28th & 29th August 2010

Drawing on the kinds of collective myth-production that created historical notions of changelings, we developed a group of animal ‘avatars’, which could be inhabited by different people. These enabled us to respond the geography, ecology and folklore of the site with new eyes, opening them up to new, otherwise unattainable, experiences. View video

The Storytellers
Workshop and Video
Birmingham Museum Collection Centre, July – August 2010

Working with school pupils, we to invented and developed stories about the archives at the Museums Collections Centre. These mythologies were then re-performed to camera, by existing Other Place participants.

The Family
Participatory Residential Project
The Event, Birmingham City Centre, November 2009

An experiment in cooperative, communal living and becoming-strange of the individual, leading up to a five-day residential project, where groups used schizo-productive fabulation to find portals to The Other Place.

8 & 9 November 2008
Cultural Quarter, Leicester.
Audience participatory, urban walk

Dérive based, group story making, oneiro-geographic project commissioned as part of the DOT Arena Festival. Participants followed a trail around the city, interpreting events through a set of four different scenarios.

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