Virtual ESP

“The Virtualised and Visualised Gallery – Eastside Projects: KVL in collaboration with the Visualisation Research Unit, Birmingham City University will create a comparative exploration of the creative and curatorial potential of four different virtual environments, including activities in OpenSim and X3D. Creating pilot 3D online, user-customisable version of the Eastside Projects Gallery, Birmingham and its collection, and providing a platform for the creation of natively virtual and mixed reality contemporary artworks. Funded by Arts Council England 2009-10.”

“Michael Takeo Magruder is an artist and researcher in King’s Visualisation Lab, King’s College London. His work uses emerging technologies, including high-performance computing, mobile devices and virtual environments, blending Information Age technologies with modernist aesthetics to explore the networked, digital world.”

Went to presentation by Michael Takeo Magruder about this project. He talked a little about the problems of working in Second Life and other places that are user content driven – that in signing up to them you are allowing the company to joint own your content. He referred to the problem of not being able to “die” in virtual worlds, where even if you delete the avatar and the content you created, there is still a backup that the company could revive if they wanted to.

The project seems interesting, but very focused around a physical space. As there is already an Eastside Projects in Second Life, it’d be great to find it and do some guerrilla performances there, perhaps get other people to do it as well.

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